Two Awesome Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Organization

You want tools to help you with your digital productivity and organization and I want to bring them to you! Today, I’m delighted to bring them in the snappy format of a SCREENCAST!

Just hit play above and behold the wonder of easily becoming a Gmail ninja with Keyrocket for Gmail and the stupefying fell swoop power of OneTab.

And when you’re done, let me know how it goes in the comments below or recommend your favorite Chrome (or Safari!) extension. Thanks for watching!

Relevant links:

Google Chrome Store

Another video on Keyrocket for Gmail

Google’s complete list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts


  • Great extensions! thanks for showcasing these. Q: Do you use Chrome as you every day browser and use Google web for your mail app? I tend to use Safari and mac and have Chrome as my backup if a site doesn’t load properly.

    • My pleasure, Brett! I’ve been using Chrome as my everyday browser for about the last six months I think? Safari was crashing and beach-balling on me so much that I switched. I also use Chrome on iOS now too, although I think that mobile Safari is still probably the better option — I like the options of sharing bookmarks and tabs between all the devices. I’m thinking that I might try Safari on my desktop again when Yoesmite launches, but I’m getting attached to the Chrome extensions.

      For Gmail, I was using Mac Mail for my Gmail accounts for years until the great Mavericks debacle and then I started using Mailplane at David Sparks’s suggestion. I like it a lot. I do occasionally use Gmail in Chrome to take advantage of KeyRocket and sharpen my keyboard ninja skills.

      Chrome is a great backup option too if you don’t want to install Flash on your Mac but still need it for some sites as detailed on Daring Fireball:

      Thanks for asking!

  • James Hill

    Never used KeyRocket before for my gmail account and definitely checking it out now! One of my top organization chrome extensions would have to be Papaly, it’s a bookmarking speed dial. Set up my start page with all my organized bookmarks I’ve generated over the past couple years.

    • Excellent, James, let me know what you think of Keyrocket! I love keyboard extensions in Gmail it makes me feel like a geeky piano player ripped through my emails this way. And thanks for the recommendation of Papaly, it’s the first I’ve heard of it, looking forward to checking it out.