The Essential App for Digital Security (And organization, huzzah!)

I wanted to start this post with the observation that on-line security breeches have been in the “news” a lot lately.

What with the lead star of Hunger Games leak and the supposed Gmail password leak (this one turned out to be not as critical as first reported) it’s made me anxious all over again for the state of our passwords.

But the fact is that these leaks are almost always in the news at this point, in fact it’s a sad, but inevitable fact that there will be more and more password disasters each year.

And I’m concerned when we begin a session and you either start entering the same password for every site or you’re checking the notes on your iPhone (not secure!) or even when you’re consulting a dedicated internet passwords paper notebook. (not secure!)

It’s 2014: you need a super easy, but super-powerful solution for this password madness.

The solution to this conundrum is 1Password 4: what I would consider THE essential app for your Apple devices. The one app I want to teach to all my clients.

It’s described in a quick and humorous video right here:

1Password – No More Sticky Notes from AgileBits on Vimeo.

That gives you a great introduction of the problems you’re facing with your current password strategy and why 1Password 4 is an unparalleled solution, now I also want to give you an inside look: how it looks in action. Here’s a screencast recorded by me just for you showing you the basics:

My great hope is that these two videos will motivate you to start using a password manager TODAY. It’s easy to start small and then build it out as you become more experienced.

And as you want more help you can contact me more for personalized training, as well as watch this video for FREE by one of the premiere online Apple tutors, Don McAllister of Screencasts Online. Don also thinks this is a key application which is why he offers this comprehensive video from his expansive library for free.

What are your password questions and challenges? What specific questions do you have about using a password manager like 1Password 4? Please let me know in the comments below!