Professional Organizing Solutions for Digital & Physical Clutter. Friendly, in-home Apple tutoring.

Bos of Their Spaces

L.A. people! If your home or business needs to be organized, Bos Organization is A-MAZING. No joke. I’m literally a child when it comes to organizing stuff (I can’t make up my mind where to put what), and Deron Bos helped create a library out of all of our books and actually created a livable space out of what is normally the “junk room.” Well, the junk room is no more! The second session we worked on the closets and the bathroom, and I’m amazed how much stuff I happily donated–add to that, Deron took all the donated items to Goodwill and gave me the receipts. I plan using Deron again to help me organize my paperwork, and I honestly can’t wait.

Jami B.

My small business is growing and I can’t find what I need on my computer, Aggh!
With so many different projects and stages of business going on at once, I needed to have a system that worked easily for me to store graphics, documents, and information of all kinds. Deron helped identify and categorize all my “stuff” that I used to just toss in one big fat folder. Along the way I learned lots to Apple tips that I’m now incorporating in my routine. It’s a big stress reducer to have a system in place that’s based on how I do my work. Also, Deron is very positive in helping you along the path of learning all the newest computer systems that address everyday issues.

Carol F.

Our garage was always a mess. We argued about whose mess it was for years. Recently we moved to a smaller house and the mess grew! Deron helped us completely, painlessly, organize our new garage. Instead of moving around our boxes from one shelf to another, he had us open them up and find a place for everything we chose to keep. We are so happy with our new space and the way Deron organized it, and it is easy to maintain!

Meg K.

I’ve heard about ‘professional organizers’ in the past and thought, you mean someone comes and stacks my stuff up? Well…now I know, thanks to Bos Organization. A kind and focused ‘organizer’ sat with me while we went through a storage closet that was stuffed with photos (approx. 3000 of them), letters, knick knacks, mementos, journals and sketch books. Then we moved on to my clothes closet… not for the faint of heart. Things were donated (he drops them off for you!), recycled, shredded and scanned. I am freer and lighter and happier. My space looks fantastic. Believe me, you do not want to tackle a project like this alone.

Ellen F.

Deron turned our pack rat mess of a garage into something worthy of Real Simple magazine. Not only does he have the organizational expertise, but he helped me and my husband agree on what was trash and what was treasure. Part organizer, part marriage counselor — worth his weight in gold!

Megan E.

Deron is Mr. Organizer. Deron came into my office and organized and revamped my filing system (if you could call it that) and saved me untold time money and grief. He is fast, professional, and knows his business. I highly recommend his services.

Bud M.