How To Rock Scheduling Reoccurring Appointments [Video]

Rock Scheduling Reoccurring Appointments

You have appointments in your life that reoccur BUT they don’t always reoccur at the same time or on the same day.

For example:

As a professional organizer and Apple coach I book sessions with clients to help them organize and be more awesome with their Apple tech all the time, but even with my regular clients it’s rarely the same time and day each week.

So…what’s the most BOS way to get these appointments into my calendar?

Answer: teaming up two of the all-star apps from my Digital Organizer’s Toolbox, of course! Text Expander and Fantastical!

Watch the magic happen right 

That’s pretty great, right?

As mentioned in the video I also use this in my role as assistant coach for my boy’s Little League team: to quickly add all our games to the family calendar in the same consistent format.

“What’s the big deal with consistent format for a family calendar, Mr. Organizer?”

Consistent format for events can be so helpful, especially if you need to go back and look at your calendar for reference.

For example:

All week I’ve been pulling together my 2014 taxes and if there was ever a question if I had a session on a particular day, it’s easy to search “Bos Organizing Session” and find them because I know they’re all labelled exactly this way because of Text Expander.

Now it’s your turn, what’s a reoccurring appointment that you would rock with this killer combination? Tell me about it in the comments below and show the format you’re going to set it up with in TE.

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