How the outer order of clothing dividers=inner calm


This summer you’ve learned that essential life lesson: don’t fear the label maker.
You also learned how key labels can be in taming the beast: the linen closet.
Today I’d like to help you further your organizing education by showing you how those labeling principles can help you in creating order in your clothes closet.

First, the closet looks like this:

Photo Aug 18, 12 45 29 PM
“Aha!” you say. “Aha! How will you possibly get labels on that rod, that circular tube, Bos? At last you’ve met your match, organizing man.”
And then I show you this:

Clothing Divider in Man's Closet
Which is accomplished with the help of this product.

And again, what’s happening here? What are the benefits?

They include:

  • Elimination of repetition: in order to do this project, you’ll put your clothes into simple categories. When you do this, you might see like I did: there are three hoodies here, but I really only one wear this one and save the second one for camping. Bye-bye third one with a logo that always makes me feel like a branded schmo. Put more simply: creating categories makes decluttering a clearer process.
  • Visible priorities: as you put these dividers into place, it will be like constructing a file cabinet for your clothes. The high priority clothes (the ones you wear on a daily basis) will be at the front for easy access and the out of season can head towards the back. Being in L.A., my jackets are at the back of the closet, because for most of the year I usually only need the hoodies if that. (I realize, Nebraska, that’s a somewhat obnoxious California brag, but our weather is ah-mazing.)
  • Everything needs a place: another tried and true, but look at in action. You get back your Beatles style suit from the dry cleaner and you don’t need to just throw it in against your favorite chambray work shirt, you can put it right back in the suits section. Then when you attend your college sweetheart’s wedding they’ll be no tearing around the closet, you’ll know right wear to go to look like a million bucks.

What are we after? We’re after a small bit of order to give our life some comfort in the places where we have a measurable level of control.

I listened to a podcast this morning with Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project author and it started with her saying, “…One of the things that consistently surprises me is how much outer order contributes to inner calm.”

Now it’s your turn: tell me in the comments below what you do in your closet to make some outer order. Or your biggest current closet challenge.

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  • Great site!! What about the thoughts in my head. Can you help me organize those? I need a some brain organizers!

    • Thanks, Michelle! Have you tried Evernote? That and a good task list can help with a lot of the stuff floating around in your head…