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Inevitably, all small talk conversations (despite some interesting alternatives) will turn down the path of, “What do you do?”

As an American, I don’t think we can help ourselves. We wonder how you spend your day and how you support yourself, and maybe your family.

Yesterday, at my son’s 5th birthday party my 11 year old nephew asked me what my business was all about.

“Aha!” I thought, “An opportunity to describe exactly what I do in concise, intelligent, but simple language. Challenge accepted.”

“I help people remove clutter from their lives and then organize what remains.”
This made sense to him. I continued:
“I help them in the same way with their Apple products and also teach them apps so they can be more productive and creative.”
He got it.

Straight forward, but a more effective opener might be:

“I help people relax, enjoy, and work smarter in their homes and on their Apple products.”

You ask, “how do you do that?”
“I do that by helping them remove clutter and then implementing organizing solutions, productivity work-flows and savvy tech tools to create a clear system to clear the clutter of the past and relish in the most rewarding parts of their lives.”
A little wordy, but nice.

I want that in my life, maybe you do too.
If you do, think about how the investment of working with a professional organizer for a time can pay off for years in contributing to the life you want to lead.

In the past, in talking about my work I’ve led with something about helping people with clutter. In doing that 9 out of 10 people would ask me the same question that just raced through your mind.
“Have you come across any hoarders?”
Hoarders is our culture’s touching point for professional organizers at the moment.
And that’s fine (one of my mentors is featured on that show), but it’s not the kind of work I do at Bos Organization.

Well, what is it you do, Mr. Bos?
Let me say it again: I help young parents and empty nest baby boomers relax, enjoy, and work smarter in their homes and on their Apple products.

I know this: an organizer can help you TRANSFORM your life in a space of a few hours.

Here’s three examples from my past work with clients:

  • A free-lance candy distributor consultant overwhelmed with huge design files every day learns to use the app Hazel so that the filing and naming of her archives are automated. More time focusing on the work that pays, significantly less time on the admin stuff that doesn’t.
  • A young mom is able to spend her time launching her kid’s organic juice business, because her garage and work space is now in order after it was shipwrecked by the passing of a parent.
  • A pharmaceutical sales person can work out of her home office now that the desk is cleared and there’s a clear system for dividing paperwork between work and family.

I’m a lifelong Beatles fan, and it’s always meant a lot that the song “Help!” was born out of John’s profound realization that going at it alone or thinking that it was all about him was no longer working. There is a huge advantage to us working together, to capitalizing and utilizing each other’s strengths so that we can reach a common goal: honoring the gift of our lives.

Wow, all this just from the process of working with a professional organizer? Yep, I think so, if you pick the right one for you: one that will help you see the benefits up front. Not living a life that is Real Simple approved, just one that gives you the clarity and intentionality to keep moving forward and growing.

Your turn: what’s the area of your life that you would like Help! freeing of clutter? If you had that help, what would it allow you to do? Please share in the comments below.

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