Step-by-Step System to Meal Plan & Distraction Free Writing


A year ago I was chanting “don’t fear the label maker” and today, I’m singing a new song with a similar tune: “Don’t fear the meal plan.”

Meal planning is one of those phrases that seems to immediately make some folks break out in a cold sweat, but today you’ll learn a simple step by step meal planning process that will allow you to put together a week’s worth of meals in minutes. (With a little prep in the front, of course!)

Click here to read my guest post at Slow Your Home “A Step-by-Step System to Meal Plan Like A Wizard.”

You’ll learn:

  • How meal-planning motivates you to put a fresh and healthy meal on the table rather than stuffing your face with chips and salsa at 5:15 and hoping for the best.
  •  The best digital recipe manager for collecting recipes, making grocery lists in a snap, and planning reoccurring menus. 
  • How to universally search your physical cookbooks with an awesome web app.
  • A simple four step meal planning process that can be used with an app or a pen and paper.

Plus, you’ll be able to sign up to access an screencast video that shows all of this in action.

My internet travels this week also brought me to a conversation with Kevin Johns, author, writing coach and podcaster on his show, The Writing Coach.

Listening to this show you’ll learn the value of writing in plain text, distraction-free writing app recommendations, and the striking similarities between organizing physical and digital spaces.


Click here to listen to The Writing Coach #15: Getting Organized With Deron Bos.

I hope these help, but what’s going on with you? Leave a comment below and let me know how I can help.

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