Frequently Asked Questions

Are professional organizers and Apple tutors only for fancy people with fancy cars and diamonds?

Not at all. In fact, I started Bos Organization to show how making an investment in both physical and digital organization can pay off in multiple dividends by giving you greater focus for work and more time and space to relax and have fun in your home.

What’s the basic outline of an organization session?

1.Contact me for a free phone consultation.

2.We’ll schedule our initial session to identify the challenges that are currently making your space difficult for work or relaxing.

3.After touring your space, we’ll begin! With a label maker, some mesh cubes for sorting, and other tools and tips, we’ll reclaim your space for greater productivity and pleasure.

Do I sit back with a cold beverage in hand and watch you organize?

Organization involves so many decisions that it works best (and often goes more quickly) as a team sport. You will also be able to help shape and give input on the systems we’re building together when we are working side by side. Having said that, sometimes I will work on projects solo, still checking in for your input throughout. You’re welcome to have a cold beverage in either scenario.

How do I compare with the other people you have organized in the past? Am I simply the most unorganized person in contemporary history?

A lot of people ask this, and friend, organization looks different for each person. I’ve seen many different models and methods in my time. My goal is to help you arrive at a place where your space works for you, so you can enjoy playing and working in it without being distracted by clutter.

How long are your working sessions and how many sessions will it take for me to organize ____?

Organizing sessions are either half-day (3 hours) or full day (6 hours with 1 hour lunch break). I’ll give an estimate of how long a space will take in our initial session, and then it depends on many factors, including how you make decisions about your things.

Are you going to make me give up my still-in-the box Indiana Jones Well of Souls play set?

No way! I won’t push you to give up anything you don’t want to give up. I’ll ask you questions and investigate if objects are still giving you emotional or practical purpose, then find ways for you to have easy access to them. The final call to keep, recycle, or donate is yours.

Should I do anything to prepare?

Nope! It will be helpful for both of us to see the space as it is so that we can discover together exactly what needs to be done.

What about the digital organizing and Apple tutoring sessions – how does those work?
We’ll discuss your goals in the free phone consultation. The following sessions will be an hour or two hours with me sitting by your side as your technical co-pilot, teaching you how to fly with your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or even Apple TV.

Can you help me with Wi-fi troubleshooting and printer set-up?

Yes, I can help with basic Wi-fi set-up and issues, and also with setting up brand name printers to connect to your Mac or iOs device.

My hard drive just gave up the ghost, can you help me?

I’m an Apple instructor, not an Apple technician, so with issues like that it’s best to make an appointment with the Genius Bar or a trusted Apple consultant. I am happy to help teach you some fantastic things about your Apple products and to show you software like Evernote and more.

What if I have to cancel a session?

If something comes up, please cancel with 48 hours notice to avoid paying a cancellation fee of $85.

What forms of payment do you take?
Cash, checks, and Square Cash are preferred. You can also pay by credit card through Square.

Am I going to feel awesome after these sessions?


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