LISTEN to how eating frogs helps you get more done

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You want to learn stuff, you said back in high school, that you know it’ll be time to throw in the towel on this whole thing, if you ever stop being open to new ideas. And yet, you’re also saying that you have to move that body and fold that laundry. “I can’t always be sitting in front of my Macbook watching videos on folding towels, Deron!” you shout. (Okay, maybe you just raised your voice, fine.)

The answer for the portable, free, and priceless education, my friend: podcasts. We’ve talked about podcasts before and how simple the iPhone and iPad make finding and listening to podcasts.

Now I’m happy to announce you can listen to me talking with Zach Sexton of Asian Efficiency about some really helpful stuff: learn what it’s like to work with a professional organizer, how to tackle any organizing project digital or physical, some choice apps that will help you get stuff done, and why Mark Twain encourages you to swallow a big ol’ frog first thing in the morning.

You can listen right here: The Productivity Show, Episode 5: Deron Bos

And if you’re interested in diving deeper with getting more things done or just having a great intelligent overview of systems that will help you get more stuff done — there’s a treasure trove of information over at Asian Efficiency.

Here’s a few that reignited my productivity flames in the past 2 months:

Simple Task Management – Using Paper, Things or Microsoft Word

Eat That Frog – Do Your Most Important Tasks In The Morning

And Zach himself serves up the epic with his post: How to Build the 25 Habits of People who are Happy, Healthy and Successful

What about you? What’s your favorite podcast? List in the comments, I’m always interested to check out something new. And it doesn’t have to be educational, being entertained and relaxing is an essential part of any productive routine too!

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