Tell Me What You Want to Know About Transforming iPhone into a iPod Touch

In November 2014 I published a blog post The Ultimate Guide to Transforming your Old iPhone into a Kid’s Dream iPod Touch  and it quickly become the most popular post on the site, a title it still owns over six months later.

Now, I’m going to take it a step further by publishing it as an eBook (with new content and updates) plus video screencasts that will walk you through each step of this transformation.

First, I need your help.

I want this to answer all of your questions about this process.

So, will you please take 60 seconds to fill out a short survey?

Click here to take the survey >>

Thanks so much. Your input will directly impact the new directions the guide will go and I can’t wait to share the finished product with you in June 2015!





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Why You Should Use Text Expander: it’s so choice

Recently, I revealed to you the one Mac app I think is so essential that if I had unlimited time and energy I would teach the entire worldwide Apple community to use.

This week, I’m going to talk about an app that is equally as powerful and tremendously useful. (I can’t think you’re all that surprised that I have dueling passions for software.) (more…)

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How Organizing Can Help A Worried Mind

How organizing can help a worried mind

The summer of 2012 was without a doubt the worst summer of my life. In the late spring there was a huge crisis within my young family and it continued to sprout multiple heads until mid July when amidst a lot of wreckage we tried to figure out how to rebuild.

This is a sort of origin story of Bos Organization, but also a story about how organizing can help and ease a worried and anxious mind. (more…)

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We are not robots: an organizing (and life) manifesto

We are not robots

Well, I wanted to start this by directly quoting Gertrude Stein about how all artists need encouragement above all else. It was something I’ve carried around in my head for years, that seemed especially valuable to remind my fellow participants in a playwriting group before my work was read aloud.

But I can’t find it on Google or in The Writer’s Chapbook that I thought I originally read it in…the closest I could come was this Facebook post from Julia Cameron and all respect to Ms. Cameron it didn’t seem the same. But I do love how one of her commenters responded, “All humans need encouragement.” To which I say hear, hear, Facebook commentator!

All that is to say: you and I have come a long way in this space over the last few months and before I launched into another photo essay about solving your physical or digital clutter – (Many on the way, don’t fret.) Before I start teaching that again, I wanted to say excellent work so far!

If you’re here, reading this you’re making some sort of step towards embracing our motto of the summer supplied by Gretchen Rubin: “Outer order often leads to inner calm.”

When I’m on vacation (it happens at other times but especially vacation) after a few days of side study, I begin to slowly leak to my wife my master plan to turn myself into a productivity robot by the time we return to normal life. I explain I’ll do this by engineering the ultimate routines: morning, noon, and night that will inevitably be laid out in 3 color spreadsheets. She listens for a bit and then mimes using an oil can on my joints.

This is the same woman that lovingly teaches me the expression, “The cobbler’s son has no shoes.”

What she seems to have an easier time accepting is this: I am not a robot and you are not a robot and our goal in organizing or life is not perfection. It’s progress. (more…)

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The best way to make phone calls on your iPhone (it ain’t the Phone app!)


C’mon, smart guy!

I know you’re saying, “Hey Mr. Apple Tutor, I already know how to make phone calls on my iPhone, it does after all still have phone in its name.” And yes, but what I want to point out today briefly is a lesser known feature: FaceTime Audio. You’re likely familar with FaceTime: Apple’s video calling feature that you can use on your iPhone, your iPad and Mac too, but did you know with iOS 7 last year they also introduced an audio only compenent of this exclusive service?

Why use this instead of making a normal cellular call? Several reasons:

  • It won’t cost against your plan’s minutes, if you’re still on a limited minutes plan.
  • You can make and receive calls from not only your Phone but your iPad and with Mavericks: your Mac too.
  • Can be a great option for international calls, sometimes easier than a 3rd party option like Skype.

•    The connection is often much stronger and clearer than a cellular call. There’s no lagging reponse time and it sounds richer and less tinny than a normal cell call. This is the number one reason for me to try it and use it.

How do I do it?

On the iPad and Mac, you’ll use the Facetime app. Just find the contact you want to reach (just like regular FaceTime they’ll need to have some sort of current Apple product to receive these special calls) and then you’ll see next to their name a phone icon and a video camera icon. For FaceTime audio tap on the phone icon. That’s it!


How do I do it?

How it works in the iPhone contacts

On your iPhone, just look for a similar phone icon in their FaceTime contact information. Like this:

How it works in the iPhone contacts

Try it Out!

If I’m making a call from home and I know my contact uses an Apple device, this is the way I prefer to call them. It has the responsivness and call quality of a ground line with the convenience of a cell phone’s portability. Try it and let me know how your experience is it with it, by leaving a comment below. Would love to hear how this little hyped feature goes for you!

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