The one joke every client can’t resist making

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I had a great time talking with Mark at Organize Mindfully about my three step process for organizing anything physical or digital, my favorite calendar app, and setting up systems for small business success. Plus you’ll hear the joke that every client I’ve had can’t resist making!

You can listen to it right here or download it here to the podcast player of your choice. (You’ll find my favorite pod-catcher and other apps in my digital organizer’s tooolbox here.)


A Simple Craigslist Trick To Save You Time and Money

Before, I taught you how to use Craig’s List effectively to declutter your space of items, but only if the items would earn you more than $50 or so.

Now, I’ll teach you another Craig’s List tip that will feel like you’re using a magic wand to declutter your spaces of items that are large, awkward or fall into the black list sections of charity organizations. (more…)


5 Small Organizing Projects to Drive Away the Blues

5 Small Organizing Projects

I drove around Los Angeles all day yesterday listening to the radio. Evidently, the publicist for the new Brian Wilson bio-pic Love and Mercy did some excellent work, because the movie was featured on every single NPR show throughout the day.

As a result the chorus from Wilson’s “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times” is still spinning in my head:

Sometimes I feel very sad
Sometimes I feel very sad
(Can’t find nothin’ I can put my heart and soul into)
I guess I just wasn’t made for these times

And heck, because I’m human, like Brian Wilson, like you, sometimes I also feel very sad. Overwhelm hits and you suddenly realize it isn’t possible to solve every single problem in your life within a 24 hour period no matter how many habit forming articles you read.

What do you do in the face of overwhelm like this?

You start small. (more…)


Step-by-Step System to Meal Plan & Distraction Free Writing


A year ago I was chanting “don’t fear the label maker” and today, I’m singing a new song with a similar tune: “Don’t fear the meal plan.”

Meal planning is one of those phrases that seems to immediately make some folks break out in a cold sweat, but today you’ll learn a simple step by step meal planning process that will allow you to put together a week’s worth of meals in minutes. (With a little prep in the front, of course!) (more…)


LISTEN to how eating frogs helps you get more done

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You want to learn stuff, you said back in high school, that you know it’ll be time to throw in the towel on this whole thing, if you ever stop being open to new ideas. And yet, you’re also saying that you have to move that body and fold that laundry. “I can’t always be sitting in front of my Macbook watching videos on folding towels, Deron!” you shout. (Okay, maybe you just raised your voice, fine.)

The answer for the portable, free, and priceless education, my friend: (more…)


How Organizing Accomplishments and Failures of This Year Will Help Plan Next Year


“The older I get, the more I believe that gratitude is the answer to almost every problem we face. It can transform anxiety, anger, and depression.” – Michael Hyatt

It’s universally popular to set some sort of expectations, resolutions or goals for the coming year. What I discovered this weekend is that it’s equally important to take some time and evaluate the year that’s coming to a close before you jump into the goals for next year. (more…)


How Organizing Will Help You Keep the Holiday All Year

How organizing can help you keep the holiday all year long

On December 24 2011, in the midst of a crowded house and overwhelming Christmas I downloaded at the suggestion of internet wunderkind Andy Ihnatko, the Audible edition of Patrick Stewart reading A Christmas Carol.

As a kid and later a teenager, the book, the George C. Scott version, and my high school’s production moved and captivated me. I wanted to renew that story’s power for myself, experience it as I had in younger days, and feel some of the thrill again that I had found in the American Christmas Carol (It’s A Wonderful Life) each time I watched it as an adult.

I wanted the pure stuff, the great language of Dickens, no motion-captured Jim Carrey for this guy. And so while driving my two year old son around the neighborhood for naps I listened to Patrick Stewart commandingly deliver the goods. I’ve listened to it by myself every year since 2011 and there isn’t a year where the 14 year old in me isn’t cheering inside my heart at the end about Scrooge’s miraculous transformation. (more…)


Make organizing easier: create a sketchnote map

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A head’s up: even if you see the word “sketch” and say “Crap, I can’t draw! Time to bounce – ” hold tight! Sketchnotes as as popularized by designer and author Mike Rohde emphasize ideas over art.

Earlier this year, in my post “How To Organize A Garage Like Wes Anderson” I talked about how the concept of sketchnotes will help tremendously in the preparation of larger organization projects. Organizing is like a lot of things – there’s power in just starting, and yet taking the time upfront to do a quick sketch can provide some enormous benefits.

For example: (more…)

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Be A Holiday Hero: Transform Family Gatherings with Two Free and Clutterless Party Games

Be A Holiday Hero- Transform Family Gatherings with Two Free and Clutterless Party Games

Games will save your introverted soul this holiday season

Playing these two games have provided some of the funniest and most memorable times I’ve had in large groups. If you’re headed to a family holiday gathering that’s open to a game part of the evening, no need to jump on Kickstarter to order the next trend (although this particular one can be fun with the right crowd), just read on!

But why, party games?

I know deep in my introverted heart that I’m not the only one who sighs with satisfaction when learning that a social situation will have a quality party game at its center. Games provide a clear and warm social structure for my site specific extrovert to emerge and connect with large groups.

And the organizer and minimalist in me loves that two of the most successful party games I’ve participated in require no extra purchases and the game equipment is either recycled or added back to the bookshelf at its conclusion.

I’ve seen even the most reluctant participants turn wild-eyed and passionate playing these things, it’s gorgeous watching people come out of their heads in front of you over such silly pursuits!

Enough, jabbering, on with the games! (more…)

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How a professional organizer can HELP! you

anorganizer helps

Inevitably, all small talk conversations (despite some interesting alternatives) will turn down the path of, “What do you do?”

As an American, I don’t think we can help ourselves. We wonder how you spend your day and how you support yourself, and maybe your family.

Yesterday, at my son’s 5th birthday party my 11 year old nephew asked me what my business was all about.

“Aha!” I thought, “An opportunity to describe exactly what I do in concise, intelligent, but simple language. Challenge accepted.” (more…)