New Year, New Guide!

Transforming an Old iPhone into a Kid's Dream iPod Touch-

I’m very excited to start the new year with news that I’ve taken the most popular post on the Bos Blog and turned into not only into a PDF eBook but also 8 videos that will walk you through this rewarding process.

It’s all the content in the post but updated, improved, and expanded upon! And now it gives you the chance to look over my shoulder throughout the process with 8 screencasts.

You can check it all out by clicking right here.

Can’t wait to hear what you think and thanks!


The one joke every client can’t resist making

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 4.34.55 PM

I had a great time talking with Mark at Organize Mindfully about my three step process for organizing anything physical or digital, my favorite calendar app, and setting up systems for small business success. Plus you’ll hear the joke that every client I’ve had can’t resist making!

You can listen to it right here or download it here to the podcast player of your choice. (You’ll find my favorite pod-catcher and other apps in my digital organizer’s tooolbox here.)


Bos Tip: Don’t OPEN that file, Quick Look that file!

Have you in the midst of writing an email message wanted to attach a file but it seems impossible to tell if that file is the right file?


Have you ever made your way to your Mac’s Finder searching for a specific version of a specific file and in the midst of this process opened 250 documents in 250 windows before finding it?

The solution to this is the beauty of Mac OSX’s Quick Look: so simple, elegant and activated by a single keystroke, you’ll be sending the Apple engineers a fruit basket by the end of the day for thinking of it.

Watch the 2 minute screencast to unlock this simple secret today: (more…)


A Simple Craigslist Trick To Save You Time and Money

Before, I taught you how to use Craig’s List effectively to declutter your space of items, but only if the items would earn you more than $50 or so.

Now, I’ll teach you another Craig’s List tip that will feel like you’re using a magic wand to declutter your spaces of items that are large, awkward or fall into the black list sections of charity organizations. (more…)


5 Small Organizing Projects to Drive Away the Blues

5 Small Organizing Projects

I drove around Los Angeles all day yesterday listening to the radio. Evidently, the publicist for the new Brian Wilson bio-pic Love and Mercy did some excellent work, because the movie was featured on every single NPR show throughout the day.

As a result the chorus from Wilson’s “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times” is still spinning in my head:

Sometimes I feel very sad
Sometimes I feel very sad
(Can’t find nothin’ I can put my heart and soul into)
I guess I just wasn’t made for these times

And heck, because I’m human, like Brian Wilson, like you, sometimes I also feel very sad. Overwhelm hits and you suddenly realize it isn’t possible to solve every single problem in your life within a 24 hour period no matter how many habit forming articles you read.

What do you do in the face of overwhelm like this?

You start small. (more…)


[Giveaway] A Detailed Summary of Brooks Duncan’s Paperless Document Organization Guide

Paperless Document Organization Guide

The skinny: a chapter-by-chapter summary on the fantastic resource that is Brooks Duncan’s Paperless Document Organization Guide.

You’ve downloaded my eBook Be The Bos of Paper Clutter. You bought the world’s finest document scanner. You have a host of scanned PDFs sitting on your hard drive and now…what do you do? This guide walks you through how to organize and protect all those digital records in a clear and patient voice.

Note: I’m giving away one Platinum package of this guide. Be sure to check out the end of this post to find out how to enter. (more…)


Step-by-Step System to Meal Plan & Distraction Free Writing


A year ago I was chanting “don’t fear the label maker” and today, I’m singing a new song with a similar tune: “Don’t fear the meal plan.”

Meal planning is one of those phrases that seems to immediately make some folks break out in a cold sweat, but today you’ll learn a simple step by step meal planning process that will allow you to put together a week’s worth of meals in minutes. (With a little prep in the front, of course!) (more…)


No More Shoeboxes: Steal My Expense Tracking Workflow

No more Shoe Boxes! Paper Receipts are the worst- here's how to tame them

It appears in many of my clients’ homes. In certain seasons I’ve seen it growing in corners of my own home. It’s not mold, but it can be almost as upsetting: an unruly pile of paper receipts.

Okay, I’m a paperless advocate and professional organizer, but there’s still a lot of paper love in my life, sketchnoting at the top. However, when the 21st century revolution finally takes away the inefficient and maddening items that are paper receipts yours truly will be at the front of the crowd cheering and high-fiving babies.

Paper receipts can be a bottomless source of clutter, but today I’m going to teach you how to get a handle on them. (more…)


Anti-Everything Bucket: 5 Tasks Where Evernote is NOT The Best Solution

5 Tasks where Evernote is not the best solution

Evernote is an amazing app backed by an amazing company that’s turned something seemingly mundane (organizing our stuff) into a sexy brand.

Evernote’s power of an application is so strong, that it inspires intelligent articles like this one from Art of Manliness: 30 Ways Evernote Can Improve Your Life.

However, what I’d like to discuss with you today is the notion that while Evernote can be used as an everything bucket, there are quite few tasks where it’s worth considering using more specialized tools and containers.

Here are five tasks I would consider taking outside of Evernote. (more…)


How To Rock Scheduling Reoccurring Appointments [Video]

Rock Scheduling Reoccurring Appointments

You have appointments in your life that reoccur BUT they don’t always reoccur at the same time or on the same day.

For example:

As a professional organizer and Apple coach I book sessions with clients to help them organize and be more awesome with their Apple tech all the time, but even with my regular clients it’s rarely the same time and day each week.

So…what’s the most BOS way to get these appointments into my calendar?

Answer: teaming up two of the all-star apps from my Digital Organizer’s Toolbox, of course! Text Expander and Fantastical!

Watch the magic happen right  (more…)