How Organizing Accomplishments and Failures of This Year Will Help Plan Next Year


“The older I get, the more I believe that gratitude is the answer to almost every problem we face. It can transform anxiety, anger, and depression.” – Michael Hyatt

It’s universally popular to set some sort of expectations, resolutions or goals for the coming year. What I discovered this weekend is that it’s equally important to take some time and evaluate the year that’s coming to a close before you jump into the goals for next year.

Writer and on-line entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau has done just this for the past eight years with a very simple formula: he writes out: “a) what went well and b) what didn’t go well this year.”

This formula and Chris’s own 2014 annual review gave me the inspiration for me to write my own annual review which you can read right here.

An immediate benefit of doing this was a clarity of how many things have gone right this year and the abundance of what I have to be grateful for in my life. My life is so far from perfect and I am so far from perfect, but as I wrote earlier this year: we are not robots. Perfection in organizing and life is not my goal, moving forward and living a full life to the best of my abilities is my goal.

Writing out what didn’t go well seemed like it would be a downer after listing what went right, but it turned out to be equally helpful in making clear the areas I want to focus on and make goals for in 2015.

Caleb Wojcik’s 2013 Annual Review which follows the same simple Guillebeau formula was an inspiration as well, and a great example of how concise and to the point these annual reviews can be.

Caleb lists the favorite things he made too and although I highlight some of my favorite posts in my annual review, I’d like to link to some more here now, since writing and helping folks out with this blog is definitely one of the highlights of 2014 for me.

And two favorites:

There’s an enormous benefit in organizing your achievements and set-backs in this year before moving into next year. My holiday wish for you is that you grab a bit of time and do this for yourself and when you do share it with us by either linking to it or just listing them in the comments below.

Here’s to gratitude for this year: the good and the set-backs and a great 2015, I’m grateful for you joining me this year!

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