Professional Organizing Solutions for Digital & Physical Clutter. Friendly, in-home Apple tutoring.

Photo of Deron Bos, Professional Organizer in the Los Angeles area

Photo by Peter Konerko

So Just Say…

You want to sit down on the couch with your kid and read his favorite book, but the family room is at a “low tide” of Legos, Monopoly pieces, and Power Ranger costumes.

I can help.

You know your business could make a huge leap forward this quarter IF you could just find the top of your desk in the midst of all this paper.

I can help.

You want to be savvy and confident with your Mac, iPad, and iPhone instead of cursing Siri under your breath.

I can help.

And finally, let’s say, you’re starting to see that a paperless life might allow you to focus on the things that really need your attention.

I can help.

Bos Organization offers professional organizing solutions for physical and digital clutter plus friendly, in-home training for all your Apple products.

I’m Deron Bos, and as the boss of Bos Organization, I will help you make the most of both your physical and digital spaces. As the rare man who has passion for both label makers and iPads, I’ll be your personal professional organizer and Apple tutor. I’m a proud father of two spitfire boys, husband to a wife who appreciates my vertical folding technique for t-shirts, and a life-long Indiana Jones fan. I am an active member of both the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and NAPO-LA. In former lives, I worked as an executive assistant at This Old House, a college English teacher, and an Apple Store specialist.

Friends, I believe organizing spaces and learning Apple products can be a life-changing transformation, and I look forward to guiding you through that experience in a personable and fun way.