Photo of Deron Bos, Professional Organizer in the Los Angeles area

Photo by Peter Konerko


I’m Deron (pronounced Darren, not De-RON) and this is my main home on the internet. I originally started this blog as part of my professional organizing business Bos Organization. In the fall of 2016, I returned to full time office administrative work and began to shut down Bos Organization as a local service business. For now I’m keeping the blog alive as there are number of posts that continue to help folks out in their organizing journey and I hope to create new content as the blog evolves.

The Ultimate Guide to Transforming your Old iPhone into a Kid’s Dream iPod Touch

This is by far the blog’s most popular post (so far), so much so that I’ve refined, updated and improved upon it in the form of not only a PDF eBook, but an accompanying collection of 8 videos that walks you through this entire process. Find out more by clicking here.

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